The Bundesliga, the home of the fans

  1. The biggest attendance
  2. Fan culture
  3. Ready to compete against the Premier League and La Liga?

The biggest attendance

Massive crowds week after week, no matter the team, the stadium or the position in the league. The Bundesliga is different from any other competition in Europe and in the world, it may not be the most prestigious or luxurious but the atmosphere is unique and the fans live fantastic football experience.

With an average of more than 44.000 spectators per game, the German league is the football competition that attracts more public to the stadiums, ahead of the Premier League (38.620) and La Liga (27.612). What’s even more fascinating is that Bundesliga 2, Germany’s second division, is the eighth competition with more attendance.

Borussia Dortmund with 80.830 spectators is in the first position of a study by DeporFinanza of the 100 clubs with the best average attendances. German giants Bayern Munich are third in this table with 75.000 and the other eight Bundesliga teams are among the top 30 of this study.

Fan culture

How does the Bundesliga attract so many people to the stadiums? Obviously, there is not only just one reason, but a number of them that mixed together make the perfect combination.

Pricing plays a big part, German clubs tend to set tickets that are affordable to all publics and going to a game with all the family is not a luxurious activity. In comparison with other major leagues like La Liga or the Premier League, the difference in ticketing is very considerable and that, of course, has its reflection on the stands.

Playing the vast majority of the games on Saturday, and at a reasonable time, is also a point that attracts fans. That also allows the supporters to travel and follow their team around the country, and normally the away stands reserved for the visiting team tend to be full on every stadium.

All these points mixed with the passion that Germans share for football have made the Bundesliga an attractive league to watch live inside the stadiums no matter the team or the division in which they are playing.

Ready to compete against the Premier League and La Liga?

The Bundesliga’s popularity continues to grow year after year but it is still a big step behind Europe's two major leagues; La Liga and the Premier League. The German teams, however, are slowly but steadily having their say in European competitions and teams like Eintracht Frankfurt showed off an excellent football last season.

Leagues attendance comparasion

 The Bundesliga took advantage of the low moments the Serie A was going through a couple of years ago and ended up being considered the third most powerful league of the continent. Can the league aspire to achieve even more? That’s a question only time will be able to answer, but Germany is still considered a place where young players can show off their talent and attract the attention of teams in Spain or England. There are of course two very big exceptions, giants Borussia Dortmund and especially Bayern Munich.

If a third team can finally compete with them, that would really boost the whole competition and maybe then we can start talking of Europe’s big three leagues.