Comparing odds for extra profit

  1. Why are the odds oscillating?
  2. Best practices using odds comparison sites.
  3. Making profitable bets.

Why are the odds changing?

It’s a known fact that if you want to have a profit in the betting world, you need to have a good strategy. The most important part when placing a bet is to choose the bookie which offers the best odds.

Odds are oscillating all the time. Every event that can happen related to the game, like the change of weather conditions, injury of a player or an important match ahead for any of both teams will influence the odds. This information will spread like a wave, like a ball thrown in the flat water. Your task is to catch the odd you are after at its highest point or predict when that moment will come.

However, considering the considerable number of bookmaker sites available in the market, how can you know which one has the best odds?  You can scan the bookies and choose the best ones for your bets, but it's difficult that all your bets will be placed with the same bookie, because some of them will have good odds for draws, and others for victories. It is important to pick the bigger odds or, wait for the best moment to place your bet.

That is the context in which the sites for comparing odds appear. Choosing the best odds is as important as hitting your predictions.

Best practices using odds comparison sites

First of all, the prices can vary a lot in different bookmakers' websites. So, for pro investors and regular bettors, those variations can make a noticeable difference in their profit. It is necessary to always pay attention because the odds are constantly oscillating, as mentioned above.

Basically, comparison sites select the best odds from betting websites and suggest which one is the most suitable for a specific game. There are many comparison sites available and most are free, so it is simply a tool to analyze the market.

However, it is important to note that free websites are usually sponsored by bookmakers, and the results shown are not always 100% correct. Also, sites with a paid account may be slow in the free version; not updating the odds as quickly as they do for paid users, so pay attention that the odds are the same on the bookie than in the one you’ve seen on the website before confirming the bet.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the differences between odds offered by different bookies are narrowing and rarely exceed from a 0.15 difference, especially in those matches where the odds are below or equal to 2.00.

Making Extra profit on your bets 

Given that you have read and understood what is and what an odds comparison website has to offer, we will now list some tips on how to make an extra profit out of your bets.

  1. First of all, define the games and outcomes in which you want to bet. The ones in which you feel more comfortable betting on.
  2. Analyze how the odds are oscillating in the market using the comparison website.
  3. Follow up the odds trend, if it is going up or down.
  4. If the trend shows the odd is going down, then you should place your bet.
  5. If odds are growing, wait and check regularly how the market is behaving.

A good starting point is to compare the odds with a “sharp” bet exchange like Pinnacle. In short, if Pinnacle odds are much lower than your bookmaker's odds, you’ve found a “value bet”.

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In conclusion, it is a great idea to use these types of websites. It will help you increase your profits, but at the same time, you should never forget to do your own analysis.