Are all tipsters affiliates? Know the difference between them

  1. Understanding what is an affiliate.
  2. Discover if your tipster is an affiliate.
  3. Characteristics of a tipster.

Market trends in sports betting

  1. Understand the constant changes in the betting world.
  2. Why is big data a trend in sports?
  3. What is the future of sports bet?

Legalization of sports betting - How far are we from it?

  1. How to differentiate a legal bet from an illegal bet.
  2. Concerns about legalizing sports betting
  3. Legality in European and North American Countries.

How to define the best betting amount

  1. How to manage your wallet and the risks when choosing your bet amount?
  2. Discover the best way to manage your bankroll.
  3. Managing the risks when defining the bet amount.
  4. Discover how to define the best moment to upgrade your bet value.

How to understand the Bookmaker tips: The margins of online football bet predictions

Calculate the margins to make profitable football bets and defeat the bookies

As quoted by one of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett, the first rule to become a millionaire is “Never Lose Money” and the second one, “Never forget the first rule”. If you want to become a successful betting investor you should follow the same rule, you have to take care of your bankroll, and the best way to do that is to avoid losing your cash flow against bookmakers. Therefore, in order to beat your main opponent, the bookie, we will give you some exclusive tips. We will show you how the most relevant betting sites calculate their margin to keep their profitability, no matter the outcome of the game.